Corporate Profile

Sunlands Technology Group (NYSE: STG) ("Sunlands" or the "Company"), formerly known as Sunlands Online Education Group, is the leader in China’s online post-secondary and professional education. Sunlands has a deep understanding of the educational needs of its prospective students and offers solutions that help them achieve their goals. The Company offers various degree- and diploma-oriented postsecondary courses through its online platforms. In addition, Sunlands offers online professional courses and educational content to help students prepare for professional certification exams and attain professional skills.

Founded in 2003 as a traditional education company, Sunlands transitioned to an online education model in 2014. The Company’s online education model enables its students to access course and educational content offerings anywhere and anytime.

Sunlands offers post-secondary and professional education through extensive courses and educational content offerings. As of December 31, 2018, Sunlands offered Self-taught Higher Education Examination, or STE, programs covering 18 majors, MBA-related programs, and professional certification and skills programs. The Company adopts a counseling-oriented sales and marketing approach that seeks to offer its education solutions to meet their needs based on their education background and goals. Sunlands provides professional assistance and counseling to help students make informed decisions that best suit their learning needs. In addition, the Company’s enrollment consultants also help them formulate effective study plans throughout their enrollments in Sunland’s courses.

The Company’s students can access its services either through PC or mobile application. Sunland’s online platform cultivates a personalized, interactive learning environment by featuring virtual learning community and a vast library of educational content offerings that are adapted to the learning habits of its students.

Sunland’s success has been driven by its ability to cultivate an engaging community among students, teachers and mentors, strong educational content development capability, and high-quality faculty, which combined, allow Sunlands to continually improve the student learning experience. Sunlands encourages students to become more committed and engaged by creating an interactive learning environment that fosters their desire to learn. The Company also provides its students with strong learning support through its dedicated mentors.

Sunlands offers a unique approach to education research and development that organizes subject content into Learning Outcome Trees, the Company’s proprietary knowledge management system. Learning Outcome Trees enable the Company to customize teaching notes for its teachers, and develop comprehensive course outlines and quiz banks to enhance the learning experience. Based on student feedback and latest updates on exam policies, Sunlands further updates its educational content in the Learning Outcome Trees to continually improve teaching quality.

Sunlands believes its strong branding, competitive compensation structure and robust teaching and research support enables it to attract and incentivize a large team of talented faculty members. The Company seeks to hire experienced and passionate teachers who can make learning fun and interactive. Sunlands equips its faculty members not only with a comprehensive set of teaching methods but also advanced technologies and data insights to enable them to develop their professional skills and enhance the Company’s overall teaching quality.